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Re: what the heck do i do now?

  • From: Andrew Kirch
  • Date: Mon Feb 05 16:14:30 2007

Matthew Sullivan wrote:

Andrew - Supernews wrote:
"Warren" == Warren Kumari <[email protected]> writes:

Warren> Sure, but if we could all agree that (or Warren> something) means that the BL has been shutdown then in the Warren> future this sort of issue could be mitigated.

You don't need to agree on something - it's already possible to apply
automated checks to a DNSBL that detect all known methods of shutting
it down.
You could also say if it returns anything outside of then it's dead - that would stop it the moment it is wildcarded.

In any case the software writers would need to be persuaded to alter it in code.

/ Mat

No amount of good software can make up for a bad administrator. The question is how much notice is appropriate on both a legal and practical measure. Sadly, as we all know, there are plenty of unqualified, or apathetic (e-mail) administrators on the Internet, some of whom have their systems configured such that they cause damage to the Internet-at-large (The Dlink NTP fiasco comes to mind, among others), some of which damages only certain domains (this particular case, the Osirusoft case, and others). According to The Internet Archive, Paul posted a notice on October 11, 2001 that was replaced with the following notice:

"MAPS.VIX.COM is no longer a valid URL

MAPS is no longer associated with Vixie Enterprises, and the MAPS.VIX.COM URL has long since been replaced by";

This notice was taken down on or after August 8, 2002. It was posted for almost a full year, this posting period ended almost 5 years ago. Is there a point where enough is enough? When do I as a RBL administrator/owner stop being responsible for the incompetence of Joe Blow postmaster?