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Re: broken DNS proxying at public wireless hotspots

  • From: Carl Karsten
  • Date: Sat Feb 03 14:32:09 2007

Sure I could route dns queries out through a ssh tunnel but the
latency makes this kind of thing unusable at times.

instead of an ssh tunnel, how about simple port forwarding?


And then whatever it takes to forward to a dns that is listing on some other port?

hmm, I think running a local caching dns was mentioned, but the parts that may have been un-verified:

man named

       -p port
              Listen for queries on port port. If not specified,  the  default
              is port 53.

man named.conf
everywhere there is an address, there is also the option to specify port: ( ipv4_address | * ) [ port ( integer | * ) ]

Carl K