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Re: what the heck do i do now?

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 16:51:26 2007

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 12:08:32PM -0800, Scott Weeks wrote:
> -------- [email protected] wrote:---------------
> From: "Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law" <[email protected]>
> As an, ahem, lawyer, I think what you do and how you do it matter a lot 
> ...
> Pulling a plug after reasonable/lots of warnings (did you miss anyone? how 
> do you know for sure?) is on the safer end of the legal spectrum.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Matters a lot?  In what country's legal spectrum?  Or did you assume the queries are US-based only?  Or are you suggesting he treat US-based queries differently than the rest of the world?  Or are you speaking from US-centric tunnel vision?
> scott

	One might infer that since the service Paul offered and is considering
	making changes to might reside in the US, and that (presumably) Paul
	is a US national, that US legal interpretation might have some sway
	in the matter.

	Or not. 

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