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  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 12:27:47 2007

> I suppose in some universe, it *IS* possible that Paul could be found negligent by some jury trial and ordered to pay millions of dollars.
> But that's the same universe were swine routinely fly to and fourth across the green sky.

Apparently you've never been in a jury trial and hopefully you won't have to be.

The problems (to some this is the solution) with jury trials is, define "peer". You're under the impression - if on a worst case scenario there was a jury trial - that, Paul would be sitting with a jury of his peers. Peers in the sense that those hearing the case would be in his demographic range: Computer Engineer (heck even an avid user) of some form, around his age, hopefully in the same profession. Often what will happen is some poor shmoe will be sitting on the case, bored by the fact he won't understand anything, the explanation of it all will be convoluted, aggravated that he/she has to sit at a jury trial (how many people loathe jury duty). Couple this with moronic logic: "If I was suing I would want someone to have mercy on my pockets" ... So GUILTY! So while Chivalry may be dead frivolry (Yes another Bushism/craptabulous/butchery of a word) isn't...

What I would do is offer a warning of sorts for the duration of 90 days and pull the plug with copies of messages that were sent forewarning (l)users of impending changes. This to some degree exonerates you from possible repercussions. Now before you take my advice, this is based of logic not factual law as (obviously) IANAL.