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Re: WWPVD (was what the heck do I do know)

  • From: Jerry Pasker
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 11:34:06 2007

If no one's been sued before because they've wild carded a defunct RBL, what's the big deal? When someone tries their best, goes out to an intelligent group to get their opinions, and spends a HUGE amount of effort, and incurs measurable monetary damage (bandwidth, time, etc) and when the only reasonable answer (dare I say group consensus?!?!) is "shut it off, in a way that could break things to get their attention" how can there be grounds for a lawsuit? That's just silly! Pay service or not, it doesn't matter when that period of time has passed. Paul could be found negligent when a server admin was negligent for 6-7 YEARS?! Seriously?! I don't buy it that argument.

Now, if he set up the DNS to wild card 1% of packets on day 1, 2% on day 2, 3% on day three, etc, in an attempt to be less disruptive then perhaps, I could see someone being upset about that, because as a clueless person (bad admin) trying to troubleshoot some problem like that, they'd definitely play a good victim. And I bet they would wait until day 80 to call in a consultant. The only sane way is to pick a date, announce it far in advance, and flip the switch at 00:00:00 on that day.

I suppose in some universe, it *IS* possible that Paul could be found negligent by some jury trial and ordered to pay millions of dollars. But that's the same universe were swine routinely fly to and fourth across the green sky.

Just my humble opinion.