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Re: WWPVD (was what the heck do I do know)

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 10:29:49 2007

Why not write a real-time script and loop the querier right back to his own self...

Luzer --> * --> Luzer

This sort of reminded me of the days of "bandwidth raping" where others used someone's own bandwidth to their own disadvantage.

> We've told people for years that when they choose to use a DNSBL or
> RHSBL that they need to (a) subscribe to the relevant mailing list,
> if it has one and/or (b) periodically revisit the relevant web site

Akin to a mailing list asking someone to configure their options so autoresponding "Out of the office" replies don't annoy. Rarely works. In the case of system administration/network administration, the industry shifts so much whereas someone who managed a machine is likely not working for that company any more. From my experiences, I've seen the horrible documentation(ing (Bushism?)) companies maintain so its likely unknown to these offenders.

Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law wrote:

> Bottom line is that in the absence of a promise -- explicit or implicit (!)
> -- to the contrary, you can usually turn off your gear and get on with your life

Promissory Estoppel might hinder shutting off the power.

J. Oquendo
echo @infiltrated|sed 's/^/sil/g;s/$/.net/g'

"How a man plays the game shows something of his
character - how he loses shows all" - Mr. Luckey