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Re: what the heck do i do now?

  • From: Rich Kulawiec
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 07:54:12 2007

We've told people for years that when they choose to use a DNSBL or
RHSBL that they need to (a) subscribe to the relevant mailing list,
if it has one and/or (b) periodically revisit the relevant web site,
if it has one, so that they can keep themselves informed about any
changes in its status or policies and/or (c) pay attention to what
their own logs are telling them.

They have not listened, for many values of "they".

Maybe it's necessary to speak to them in a language they understand,
despite the large downside of doing so.

As someone who has had his own lapses into denseness, I can certainly
understand that this isn't pleasant, but on the other hand, the lessons
I've learned that way have been sufficiently clear that I've never made
those particular mistakes again.   I would argue that among the lessons
here are "do not hardwire any DNSBL/RHSBL into any piece of software"
"do not blithely use any such piece of software and assume it'll work"
and "if you choose to use a DNSBL/RHSBL, then pay attention".

<chuckle> Perhaps you should list (in the zone) all IP addresses which are
repeatedly querying the zone -- after announcing this policy, of course. ;-)

More seriously, I'll see what I can do to pass the word along in the
faint hope that this will have some effect.