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Re: Bogon Filter - Please check for 77/8 78/8 79/8

  • From: Allan Houston
  • Date: Mon Dec 11 07:18:35 2006

Florian Lohoff wrote:
Hi *,
in august IANA handed 77/8 78/8 79/8 to RIPE which started handing out
those ranges 2 months ago.

We (Telefonica Deutschland AS6805) are seeing a lot of reachability problems
most likely caused by not updated bogon filters.

For testing purposes aka
is up for icmp/http.

Please check and possibly update your filters.

Flo (aka [email protected])
This probably isn't helped much by sites like still showing these ranges as bogons..

They've ignored all my attempts to get them to update so far.. sigh..

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