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Re: Exotic meeting locations in North America

  • From: Roland Perry
  • Date: Tue Dec 05 08:27:34 2006

In article <[email protected]>
, [email protected] writes
The idea of regional meetings is mainly to have a scaled down NANOG to
reach a much wider audience that does not have a large conference travel
budget. This is rather similar to RIPE's meetings in Qatar, Moscow,
Bahrain, Nairobi and Tallinn.
I am just back from very successful Regional Meetings in Moscow and Bahrain, where it's true that the focus is local members, and where regional meetings of any kind are often a rarity.

But Tallinn is the venue for RIPE 54, in the same vein as Istanbul (RIPE 52) and Stockholm (RIPE 50).

Roland Perry
Public Affairs Officer, RIPE NCC