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Re: OT: How to stop UltraDNS sales people calling

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Tue Nov 28 12:23:38 2006

Paul Vixie wrote:

every month or two somebody will ask me "does BIND really drop 20% of all
queries it receives?" and i say, "um, no, why do you ask?" and the answer
is always "that's what the ultradns salesman told me." i can't argue with
their success, but i guess i am ready to quibble over their manners.
Hi Paul, just curious, someone over at UltraDNS called and told me my own bind server is dropping
20% of queries. Can you please explain to me how did they log into my systems?

J. Oquendo
sil . infiltrated @ net
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