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Re: problem with BGP or I am an Idiot

  • From: Jay Hennigan
  • Date: Fri Nov 17 12:29:26 2006

Philip Lavine wrote:
To all,

Probabaly the the latter; however here is the situation. I am advertising a rte via BGP to the Internet via ISP_A via my location in NJ. At my other location in CA where I am advertising another rte via BGP to the Internet via the same ISP_A. I am using the same AS for both routes.
Don't do that then.

For some reason on my rtr advertising the rte I am unable to see the rte "% Network not in table". I know rte is valid it shows up in looking glass and ISP_A has it on the peer recevies full Internet rtes from. Further verification: I add a static rte on rtr to and its routable???
The reason is that a BGP router won't accept a route containing its own AS from an external peer.

You can add a static route on both routers to the other network with the gateway of your ISP. A floating static default may also work. Or get a different AS for the other end.

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