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Re: [c-nsp] [Re: huge amount of weird traffic on poin-to-point ethernetlink]

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Thu Nov 09 18:43:01 2006

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
<[email protected]> writes:

Steve's 100% spot-on here. I don't have bogon filters at all and it
hasn't hurt me in the least. I think the notion that this is somehow
a good practice needs to be quashed.
Some people don't use condoms with hookers either.  Just because they
haven't caught anything yet doesn't make it a smart practice.
On the other hand, compulsive hand washing has never been shown to
keep disease away, and may actually cause dry skin and other
unintended side effects.

Speaking as someone with a degree in Molecular Biology (gasp!) the dry/damaged skin can actually be a way to increase the susceptibility to bacterium/virons.

As for bogon filtering...when there is a perfectly good, perfectly responsible bogon source you can BGP peer with that is rigorous in its maintenance of good data... why fight it? Sanity check their feed, call it a day. Maintaining your own bogon list is a nightmare.

Someone (years ago) said... why would I want to pay to move bogon traffic across my network when its only going to get dropped by the next hop anyway -- as a justification for filtering bogons.