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Re: power cords for .nl

  • From: Mark Foster
  • Date: Sun Oct 29 00:58:28 2006

I take it you were after info other than that found at urls similar to this one?

I would've thought that datacentre internal cabling for mains would be a different can of worms anyway, in my experience most primary power distribution is done from a 3-phase lead into a PDU and from there into IEC strips, with local mains-interfaces being fairly secondary in nature.

So wouldn't you mainly want IEC male-female type?


On Sat, 28 Oct 2006, matthew zeier wrote:

Mozilla going to be opening a POP in Amsterdam in December and I'm trying to get gear and power cords ordered before then (haven't yet figured out where we're going but some of my gear has long lead times).

Can anyone help me figure out what sort of power cords I need? I'm interested in using Server Tech's 208-240V/20A PDUs which, according to their datasheet, have IEC603320/C20 inlets with 320/C13 outlets.

Is that what I'll find out there? What sort of cords am I looking at for my 6503-Es (Cisco shipped me US cords)?


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