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Re: down sev0?

  • From: Daniel Senie
  • Date: Thu Oct 26 18:34:32 2006

At 05:26 PM 10/26/2006, Fergie wrote:


W.R.T. #2 below:

Be for real: No one ever suggested that backbone service
providers attempt to ingress filter traffic -- this is an
edge function.
I guess I'd add some clarification, though it should be obvious without.

Backbone service providers who also sell edge circuits (e.g. dedicated T-1's to non-multihomed customers) ARE providing the edge function. A provider who claims "we're a backbone, so we should do no ingress filtering at all" is being disingenuous, at least for many of the largest networks today. I'm not accusing anyone of actually making such statements at all. I agree with Paul that this is an edge function, but that "edge" is a part of nearly every provider at some point in their businesses.

-- "Chris L. Morrow" <[email protected]> wrote:

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Fergie wrote:
> and co-authored -- and likewise, cannot figure out for life of
> me, why there is such push-back from the Ops community on doing
> The Right Thing.

you could google answers from other folks but in shor:
1) it doesn't always work as advertised
2) people don't always tell you the routes the hold
3) equipment vendors don't alway splan properly for 'features'

Not everyone is as smart as you (both) and can manage that problem as they

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