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Re: 10,352 active botnets (was Re: down sev0?

  • From: Jack Bates
  • Date: Thu Oct 26 18:14:07 2006

Matthew Crocker wrote:

Maybe the new slogan needs to be "Save the Internet! Train the chimps!"
Shouldnt 'ip verify unicast source reachable-by rx' be a default setting on all interfaces? Only to be removed by trained chimps?

Only if you wish to break existing configurations during IOS upgrades. I could see ip verify unicast source reachable-by any (less breakage), but rx will kill all types of good asymmetric routing. The largest breakage I have seen caused by rx is the link IP breakage caused by the router responding out multiple interfaces. It's also a problem when customers are straddling the fence, purposefully using asymmetric routing.

It would be nicer to have router support where a packet is acceptable if it's network is acceptable in the BGP (or IGP) policy/filter (ie, network may not be there, but it is allowed) as well as the link addresses associated with the BGP (or IGP) peer.