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Re: Collocation Access

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Mon Oct 23 14:41:42 2006

Roland Perry wrote:

In article <[email protected]
>, Craig Holland <[email protected]> writes
The fellow I chatted with at AT&T said they are not allowed to
hand over their badge because it would compromise their security.
Sounds to me like NSTAC ought to be worried about a scheme to accredit co-lo operator security staff, as well as the visiting telco engineers.
So what's next....

I recall back in the days of Exodus in Jersey City I walked in to go kick a Sun machine in one of the cages for a company I worked for. I had previously worked at a company that also had a cage there and had been to the Jersey City colo facility quite a few times. Anyhow when I went in they pulled up the keys for my prior company after giving them my ID. I stated "No, I no longer work there." They gave me the correct key but a "Hello My Name Is" tag with my former company. Funny...

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