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Re: Collocation Access

  • From: Jay Hennigan
  • Date: Mon Oct 23 13:41:27 2006

Alex Rubenstein wrote:

I am shocked that the ATT employee did not have an ATT ID.

In our facilities, we require all visiting telcos to produce company
identification, and between telcove/level 3, Verizon, MCI, and several
others, we have never had an issue.

I'd be a bit more suspicious that he didn't have ATT ID.
He may have indeed had ATT ID. But the colo security people wanted a government ID. "Company" ID is relatively meaningless and trivially forged, particularly for small values of "company". If I were to show up in a truck with "Jay's Telco" on the side, produce "Jay's Telco" ID, and refuse to show a driver's license or government ID I would expect datacenter security to be a bit suspicious. Why should AT&T be treated any differently?

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