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Re: Boeing's Connexion announcement

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Sun Oct 15 23:22:16 2006

Thus spake "Kevin Day" <[email protected]>
There are two different things that are being talked about here. If
your seat has an obviously-meant-for-customer-use outlet, it's
definitely going to be 60Hz.
... or DC.

There are other outlets that look like regular North American
outlets, but hidden behind an access panel. Usually on the floor or
near a door, with no markings on the outside as to what they're for.
These *are* 400Hz, and are meant for support crew to clean the
aircraft with, maintenance tools, etc.
I've seen many outlets on planes marked 400Hz, usually in the galleys.
I've never seen one that a customer could use without running an
extension cord down the aisle, though.

I agree that power isn't as critical on board as the network access; my
laptop battery lasts about 6hrs, and I've got a second one in my bag I
keep charged just in case. Many airports provide outlets at the gates
you can use to charge phones and laptops before takeoff, and for
non-transoceanic flights that's good enough for virtually everyone these

My problem with Connexion was that it's (a) too pricey for my company's
expense rules, and (b) not available on enough planes to factor into my
travel plans anyways. I don't doubt that it's worth the $27.95/flight,
but my company allows a max of $10.00 for internet access. Even if I
could somehow convince the trolls in accounting to accept triple the
standard hotspot rate because it's on a plane, the IRS requires an
original receipt for any expenses over $25 and Connexion doesn't
provide one. No dice. Three dollars cheaper and I'd use it regularly;
$9.95 and I'd use it every single flight.

Instead, I use my company's corporate account at the departure airport hotspot to grab all my mail, work on it during the flight, and then use the hotspot at the other end to send it all when I land. That's good enough for a 2-5hr flight, and it doesn't get me in trouble with accounting.


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