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Re: Boeing's Connexion announcement

  • From: Jay Hennigan
  • Date: Sun Oct 15 12:11:44 2006

Owen DeLong wrote:
This may be a nit, but, you will _NEVER_ see AC power at any, let alone all of
the seats. Seat power that works with the iGo system is DC and is not
conventional 110 AC.
Into which the laptop user plugs the inverter he has in his carry-on that he bought for use in the rental car, producing 115vac (240 if from Europe). Into this he plugs the laptop SMPS, into which he plugs the laptop. Horribly inefficient, but that's the way Joe Sixpack does it. He probably doesn't have much of a choice.

It's a pity that laptop makers don't either design their machines to operate on a nominal 13.8 VDC or sell a relatively inexpensive and commonly available 13.8-to-[whatever DC voltage the laptop uses on whatever oddball connector they use that seems to be unique to that make and model and likely serial number and unavailable anywhere].

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