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Re: 200K prefixes - Weekly Routing Table Report

  • From: Jerry Pasker
  • Date: Fri Oct 13 16:02:31 2006

On Oct 13, 2006, at 2:02 PM, Routing Analysis Role Account wrote:

Routing Table Report   04:00 +10GMT Sat 14 Oct, 2006

Analysis Summary

BGP routing table entries examined:                              
    Prefixes after maximum aggregation:                          
Shall we all have a moment of silence for 200K prefixes in the global table.

Maybe reboot all our routers at once or something?

Thanks for reminding me to change my neighbor maximum-prefix 250000 80 statements to something more "reasonable" before I started getting warnings to my pager! I'm still a few thousand routes shy of 200K as of today......

I like that second line that you included. Maximum aggregation isn't always possible, but I think there are a lot of operators out there that don't aggregate as much as they could. They cite various reasons for chewing up router memory ( "Oh, it's technically impossible....". or my favorite.... "because someone could announce more specifics and steal our traffic, so we have to announce 842 /24s all separately, ALL THE TIME" ) while the rest of the net doesn't seem to have those issues, (or they deal with them as they happen... "uh, oh, someone's blackholing our traffic, let's announce our space as /24s until we can get that other operator to correct their stupidity... we'll withdraw the /24s as soon as it's fixed 22 hours later....")

You should have put a difference number there too, just so everyone didn't have to get out their calculators to figure out how many extra routes there are (91525). So since my calculator is out, I did some more numbers. Of those 91,525 routes that are extra routes in the table, 14,444 of those are the dirty-30.

So of those top 30 ASes that I refer to as the "Dirty Thirty", represent .13% (POINT ONE THREE PERCENT!) of the ASes, but they contribute 15.7% of the amount of route-bloat on the net!! .13%,=15.7%.

The dirty-thirty is a shameful list. But apparently there isn't enough pressure from within the routing community to not be on it. At least not yet. ;-)

"I'll reboot mine, if you reboot yours."