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Re: Experiences on dampening

  • From: Fergie
  • Date: Mon Oct 09 17:35:07 2006

No idea w.r.t. SIP, but I assume that you have seen this?

"BGP Route Flap Dampening Considered Harmful"

- ferg

-- "J. Oquendo" <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey all, attempting to assess something related to networking but its on 
the SIP/telephony side of things. I'd like to know how many have had 
success and failures with route dampening. Purpose of this question is, 
I'm wondering about a method a VoIP PBX could take similar to BGP's 
dampening where the following would occur:


If SIPUSER decides to either REGISTER, INVITE, SUBSCRIBE, etc., in an 
insane amount of time, VoIP PBX would take action on it. Give SIPUSER an 
initial penalty and increment it justly however, it *cannot* be address 
based. It would likely be two predefined variables.  Overall I just 
would like to know experiences, pros and cons, with dampening.

Thanks in advanced.

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