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Re: Outages mailing list

  • From: S. Ryan
  • Date: Mon Oct 02 12:21:01 2006

You're right, it'll probably never happen. I do find when I am upfront and honest with our customers, they enjoy it and act far less irritated than giving them what the company would prefer and that is 'we're down, sorry, it'll be down for xx amount of time..'

Personally, if my ISP had issues and they were up front with me coupled with the fact I know shit happens, it wouldn't really bother me. If they said 'we'll be back up in x minutes..' I might start to think they just are incompetent.

Honesty goes a long ways. I know of a few local ISP's, Eskimo North being one of them that maintains an outage list and their customers love it.

The ISP I work at doesn't do this. You get a standard mundane answer, unless I answer the phone. :>



Scott Weeks wroteth on 9/29/2006 5:04 PM:
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From: virendra rode // <[email protected]>
Scott Weeks wrote:
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From: virendra rode // <[email protected]>

Ideally (if I have better luck) I would like to get
providers to direct outage notices to this list. All
That's not going to happen. Providers don't want that
stuff public. Makes 'em look bad...

I'm sure they love FCC for that :-)
It depends on what type of providers you're talking about. Even with ILECs, there're regulated (FCC reportable) and
unregulated (not required to report to the FCC) services. You'll never get providers to say to your list, "Yep, we had
problems. Here's the list of them." It'll never happen. may I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one :-)
Maybe if I had a beer I'd be a dreamer and that'd make