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Re: West Coast Fiber Cut?

  • From: Jeremy Chadwick
  • Date: Fri Sep 29 15:54:58 2006

On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 12:29:28PM -0700, Rick Kunkel wrote:
> Anyone know much about this major west coast fiber between Los Angeles and
> Washington that was supposed cut this morning?  Our network is having
> gnarly problems through one of our providers and lesser ones through the
> other.  Investigation went on for about 2 hours, whereupon i finally
> received an email from InterNAP talking about the problems starting at
> 9:45AM PDT, and being rooted in this fiber cut.  My other provider has
> since told me that it was a Qwest fiber, and that most major transit
> providers were using it.
> Anyone heard anything else about this?

I haven't heard anything, although we don't use InterNAP for IP nor
Qwest for transit.  Some of our eastern-bound IP traffic does head
south (from norcal to socal).

Do you have general timestamps of when the issue began?  And two
hours to determine a cut is pretty absurd, if you ask me.

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