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Outages mailing list

  • From: virendra rode //
  • Date: Thu Sep 28 13:05:41 2006

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Gadi Evron, Randy Vaughn and myself have initiated an "outages" mailing

The primary goal of this mailing list ("outages") is to report major
outages similar to what FCC provided prior to 9/11 days but they seem to
have pulled back due to terrorism concerns. Some also believe that LEC's
and IXC's also like this model as they no longer have to air their dirty
laundry. Then again, this mailing list is not about making anyone look
bad, its all about information sharing and keeping network operators &
end users abreast on the situation as close to real-time information as
possible in order to assess and respond to major outage such as routing
voice/data via different carriers which may directly or indirectly
impact us and our customers.

The purpose of this list is to have a central place to lookup and report
so that end users & network operators know why their services (e-mail,
phones, etc) went down eliminating the need to open tons of trouble
tickets during a major event. One master ticket - such as fiber cut
affect xxx OC48's would suffice. We hope this would empower users and
network operators to post such events so that everyone could benefit
from it.

In a brief poll, I've gotten some good feedback from nanog community and
there are some who are also willing to assist with this cause. You know
who you are :-)

Currently the mailing list is not vetted nor moderated as we would like
everyone to benefit from such reports unless you strongly feel that we
should vett, which we are willing to listen and discuss.
We like to encourage people to participate and help with the process and
yes, we need your support!

Not sure how this can be balanced against DHS (department of homeland
security) perceived needs. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Outages mailing is now accepting members.

Gadi Evron
Randy Vaughn
Virendra Rode

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