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Re: tech support being flooded due to IE 0day

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Fri Sep 22 00:50:10 2006

[email protected] (Jared Mauch) writes:

> 	I was thinking sql-slammer, massive flood causing signifcant
> amount of network infrastructure to go down.  (people on low speed links
> with large blocks of address space were DoS'ed off the network).


> 	I don't think of drive-by browser/desktop infection as a networking
> issue, more of an end-host issue.

given that "network operations" now includes all kinds of non-bgp activities
like datacenter design, tcp syn flood protection, nonrandom initial tcp
sequence number prediction, and a googolplex or two of other issues, i've
assumed that the hardcore bgp engineering community now meets elsewhere.
(i wouldn't be needed or welcome "there" if so, so i'm just guessing.)  so,
for lack of a better forum, "things that can beat the hell out of your abuse
desk" does indeed seem like safe fare for [email protected] in 2006, even though in 1996
maybe not so much so.  (hell, in 1996 one could still send MIME attachments
to abuse desks, since they were generally running solaris on NCD terminals
rather than microsoft outlook, and attachments were "just opaque data", grrr.)

can we all agree to stop shooting the messenger?  every time gadi speaks up
here, three or four folks bawl him out for being off-topic.  time has proved
that (a) gadi's not going to STFU no matter whether he's flamed or isn't, (b)
those flaming arrows sticking out of his chest don't seem to injure him at all,
(c) the flames completely outweigh gadi's own original posts, and (d) some of
the folks lurking here actually tell me that they benefit from gadi's stuff.
henceforth if you see a post, a poster, or a thread that you aren't interested
in, "just hit delete".  it'll save more bandwidth than flaming about it would.
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Paul Vixie