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Re: tech support being flooded due to IE 0day

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Thu Sep 21 22:30:22 2006

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, Gadi Evron wrote:
> >
> > Are you telling me tech support overflow at this immense scale does not
> > affect the ISP and its network staff as well?
> define 'immense scale' ... no calls here... so 'immense scale' in this
> case is 'nothing'.
> No, one thing you might say is that increased (channelling Vijay here...)
> calls from customers means increased 'Support Cost' and decreased profit

Thank you for providing me with a correct explanation.

> margin over time. I'd also say:
> 1) how is this different from a large scale network outage for a provider

Exactly the same, only seen at a few, so is likely to be seen with others.

> 2) how is this different from any other large worm outbreak thing

It's not.

> 3) is this blackworm all over again? (all hype no bite... byte?)

A lot of bite. Unfortunately. Every month on the third many still lose
their files. What was interesting to nanog then was the IMMENSE global
cooperation and coordination, encompassing too many and working, to
mitigate it. Unless some us us, others here try and keep nanog in the

I know this interested many here, and nanog is the best way to reach
them. Such occasional operational issues not interesting to you are
interesting to us. These emails cause more disturbance.

Is nanog to be BGP only? Please let me know and I won't email these
here. Simple enough. If not, we all take note of what is interesting to


> -Chris