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Re: Lucent GBE (4 x VC4) clues needed

  • From: Sam Stickland
  • Date: Thu Sep 21 13:52:22 2006

Saku Ytti wrote:
(oops technical question in nanog, wearing my asbestos suit)

Consider this topology

GSR - 3750 --(GE over 4xVC4) - NSE100 - NSE100 --(GE over 4xVC4) -- 3550 - GSR

All other fibres are dark fibres, except marked.

When we ping either NSE100 <-> GSR leg, when there is no background traffic
there is no packet loss. If there is even few Mbps, lets say 10Mbps of background traffic we get 1-5% packet loss on 1500 bytes, and bit
less packet loss on small packets. As background traffic increases
packet loss quickly increases.

There isn't very much that can be configured in the Lucent, and we've
tried pretty much every setting. We've tried to set autonego on
and off in every gear in the path, without any changes to observed
Did you try power cycling the Lucents after changing the auto-neg settings? I've seen some broken autoneg implementations in the past on managed media converters that didn't change settings immediately. It's worth a shot as you seem to be all out of other ideas ;)