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RE: Bandwidth accounting recommendation?

  • From: Randy Epstein
  • Date: Wed Sep 13 15:10:14 2006


>	Hi, I have been scouring the net searching for a good bandwidth
>accounting solution that would be appropriate for a hosting
>provider/carrier. We are more interested in the total amount of
>bandwidth the user has utilized in a 7/30/90/365 (whatever) day period
>of time than a Mbps 'graph' which MRTG would give you. It would also be
>great if it could allow us to assign logins to our users so they can
>view their utilization.

If you have a budget put together for this type of application (you'll need
it!), Orion from Solarwinds ( would suit your
needs.  I have used Orion for over 2 years now and quite satisfied with its
features and performance.

>	So far I've looked at MRTG, Cacti, and RTG. Cacti was pretty
>good execept it doesn't appear to notice changes in a switch, sometimes
>more than 30 ports on 5 different switches change a day and we'd like
>something that automatically starts/stops monitoring utilization when
>the port status changes. I havent found a Netflow tool yet that I really

I don't fully understand your requirements here, but maybe the folks at
Solarwinds can provide you with a solution here.

>Any suggestions?



Randy Epstein

Email: repstein(at)