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RE: Kremen's Buddy?

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Wed Sep 13 05:43:01 2006

> "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" 
> be replaced with "From each according to the ARIN fee schedule, to each
> according to our impossible to decipher allocation templates". Marx 
would be
> proud! Centrally managed economic systems seem so wonderful on paper -
> that's why so many otherwise very smart people have championed the idea.
> Real world experience, on the other hand, has shown that capitalism is 
> worst possible method for distributing resources - except for all the 
> methods, which are even worse. 

Your tirade is a typical example of Marxist rhetoric. It may
sound good on paper but it does not work in the real world.
For an authentic example of such intellectual argument, read this
by a famous German intellectual whose tomb is in London's
Highgate cemetery. It's only the 1st of 4 chapters, but if
you stick to it, not only will you begin to understand why
theoretical arguments can be pointless, you will also discover
the origin of one of the most well known quotes in the sphere
of economics.

> And, if people have noticed, the Internet is what we use to make money,
> these days - at least, the folks on this list.

The fact that the Internet is what we use to make money
is the main reason why most of us do not want to make any
major changes to the infrastructure that enables the Internet
such as ARIN itself. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

> My opinion is that ARIN should use some of its not inconsiderable 
> and hire some economists to do some real work on modalities for address
> distribution (i.e. give some grants). Aside from the practical utility, 
> real science around this topic would be of great intellectual benefit.

As I said, a meaningless intellectual exercise...

--Michael Dillon