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ip reclamation was Re: Kremen's Buddy?

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Tue Sep 12 18:46:00 2006

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From: Joe Abley <[email protected]>

> Le 2006-09-12 =e0 15:10, <[email protected]>
<[email protected]>
> a =e9crit :
> > It makes me wonder just how much space like that there
> > is out there artifically increasing IP scarcity.
> The fact that there is a lot of space assigned/allocated
> and not used   in any easily observable way is well known
> to those who track the   address exhaustion issue, I
> think.

How much, though, is used, but not routed publically?
Something that has been brought up from time to time here.
It's not easily observable, but allowed.