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Re: Kremen's Buddy?

  • From: Chris Jester
  • Date: Tue Sep 12 13:56:20 2006

> "Chris Jester, the owner of hosting service provider Split Infinity, has
> been working with Kremen in trying to locate Cohen, whom Jester says is
> currently in Tijuana."
> ---in case anyone has not googled mr. chris jester, please realize he is a
> buddy of gary kremen and is just looking to stir up dirt. IANAL, and
> neither
> are 99.9% of the rest of us here, so let's leave this to the lawyers and
> get
> back to discussing something like network operations.
> Michele


While it would seem I "agree" with Kremens lawsuit, the pure intention
of my posting to nanog is to gain insight into how "things work" so that
I may personally gain a better understanding into the innards of the
IP processing system for assignments and likewise.

I *do* know Kremen, and I need to state that me knowing him and agreeing
with him are two different things entirely.  I am not involved in the
ARIN BS in any way. I saw his filing against ARIN and found it interesting.
I have noted negative points of the IP request process however I also know
that ARIN ended up taking good care of me personally, so I dont have much
personal issues at this time.  It was a difficult process with lots of
paperwork, and in the end, I got what I requested.

Now that I have said that, let me make it clear, that I have no
established pre-determined opinion of ARIN however the suit Kremen filed
brought up
some serious questions that I wanted to get lots of feedback on because
to me it seems that when a business is tied to IP's they should somehow be
able to insure that no ill-fate can come to those ip's.

Something came up, that I want to share as well....

Once this subject took off on nanog, I have been oversaturated with people
trying to "sell" me ip space.  I have had offers for several /16's for
10,000.00 each that are no longer in use by the companies who "own" lol
them.  I want to say to those people that made those offers to me....

I do not wish to obtain IP space from the grey-market, the only IP space I
ever need, I do ask ARIN for and will continue to do so.  I appreciate the
friendly offers, however the fact is, I have my own IP space assigned to me
by ARIN already. So, bascially, thank you but no.

Kremens filing just entered my mind and had me thinking about it, and how
valid it is.  It surely sparked some interest here hasn't it?  So then it
was worth discussing, IMHO.

Should anyone wish to talk, my AIM is below.


Chris Jester
Suavemente, INC.

ICQ: 64791506