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Re: [Fwd: RE: Kremen VS Arin Antitrust Lawsuit - Anyone have feedback?]

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Tue Sep 12 04:59:25 2006

> > The reason that ARIN allocations are not property is
> > that pre-ARIN allocations were not property. ARIN is
> > merely continuing the former process with more structure
> > and public oversight. Are telephone numbers property?

> IP addresses appear to be property - - read
> hdocs/docs/cyberlaw/kremencohen72503opn.pdf.  Given that domain names
> are property, IP addresses should be property, especially in
> California where are constitution states "All things of value are
> property"

1. I searched that PDF and it says nothing whatsoever
   about IP addresses, therefore your statement above
   is not true.

2. The court didn't just say that domain names are property
   like anything else, he said that some of the laws regarding
   property apply to domain names. But others do not.

3. Domain names are delegated to people who pay money to
   register a domain name for their exclusive use forever
   as long as they maintain their renewal payments.

4. IP addresses are assigned to organizations who have a 
   JUSTIFIED technical requirement for those addresses in
   their network. Most addresses can only be used as long
   as they remain connected to the same upstream network.
   PI addresses can only be used as long as they are
   technically justified. If an organization sells their
   network or shuts it down, then they can no longer keep
   their IP addresses and there are hundreds of cases where
   those addresses have gone back to ARIN to be allocated
   to other networks.

> Why is it that they involve lawyers,
> ask you all your customers names and etc... This is more information 
> I think they should be requiring. Any company that wishes to engage in
> business as an ISP or provider in some capacity should be granted the
> right to their own ip space

Look at this page:
Every one of those organizations has disclosed to ARIN
all their customer names, etc... That is the way things
are done. If you don't want to play ball like the rest
of us, then you are not going to get IP addresses. That's
the simple truth. We have a level playing field and you
are asking for special privileges that other organizations
don't feel are necessary.

--Michael Dillon