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Tragedy of the Commons; was Re: Kremen VS Arin Antitrust Lawsuit- Anyone have feedback?

  • From: Travis Hassloch
  • Date: Fri Sep 08 17:00:36 2006

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Amazing how many people fail to trim quoted material,
but at least they aren't top-posting.

Sounds a lot like tragedy of the commons.  To wit, the benefits
of having the IP space is given to the "owner", whereas the
resources are finite, and the cost of a new allocation is
borne by all (roughly proportional to the number of routers
that need large routing tables).

This is always a formula for disaster, but I'm surprised it
has taken this long to metastasize into anything obvious.

If search engine page rank was indifferent to number of netblocks,
I don't think it would be an issue.  And then maybe people would
go back to making sites that people want to link to, instead of
trying to game the engines for personal profit.

Note the similarity to phone numbers, and how the telcos are being
dragged kicking and screaming towards portable numbers by the FCC
(I think).

BTW: When I started using this Innernet thingy, you could buy /24's
and they were portable, IIRC.
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