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Re: comast email issues, who else has them?

  • From: S. Ryan
  • Date: Thu Sep 07 16:21:27 2006

Christopher L. Morrow wroteth on 9/6/2006 5:11 PM:
On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
Because Comcast's tools are broken and when other mail admins or even
their own customers call them on it, they're not even competent enough
to understand the complaint and refuse to escalate?
I hate to say this, and get involved in the melee, but... Perhaps the
problem is that for an average customer service employee there are 1000
calls about something meaningless and not-wrong and only 1 call about
something truly wrong? So escalating every problem that seems even half
baked isn't an option?
You're probably right. However, if someone called my place of employment (a small local ISP) and complained followed by quite a few others, I would at least escalate the issue so someone higher than me can check out logs, connectivity, etc.. things I don't have access too to make sure there isn't a problem.

What is unfortunate is the fact that this generally doesn't happen. You get lots of calls and Tier I does the obvious and it works and works on those others that call that the issue must be them and it's case closed and nothing gets escalated. It's even worse of the problem gets seemingly solved and the customer doesn't call back for quite a while.. gives the appearance all is well even though it truly is not.

Perhaps some of the comcast folks reading might take a better/harder look
at their customer service tickets and do a 'better' job (note I'm not even
half of a comcast customer so I'm not sure that there even IS a
problem...) on this issue?
Most ISP's could do a better job. The last ISP I worked at utilized RT for their support. I think a strong ticketing system and using that ticketing system to it's full potential would go a long way in getting things solved faster as well as being able to see trends that could then get escalated without lots of pissed off people having to call and bitch whine and moan before escalation happens. You could easily see an issue with a properly setup ticketing system such as RT.

In general blaming the first level tech for something isn't going to get
anyone anywhere near a solution. Perhaps Sean's actually saying: "The
right tool is to use another provider?" even though Steven's thought is
that the 'other provider' is in the same boat of clue :(
... good point. It may not even be the techs fault on any tier level. It might be company policy, unfortunately.