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Re: BCP Question: Handling trouble reports from non-customers

  • From: Per Gregers Bilse
  • Date: Fri Sep 01 22:59:03 2006

You're absolutely right, but your struggle is uphill.  Some considerable
time ago my "XO" (James Aldridge) had a big hand in RFC2142, but in spite
of it being Standards Track and otherwise receiving universal approval,
real uptake was patchy.  In fact, in spite of most peering contracts (which
started to emerge at the time) being very specific about listing 24*7
problem resolution contact information, any issues beyond the truly banal
required one to resort to private, carefully maintained lists of names
and telephone numbers, many of which were gleaned from business cards
(just about the only useful thing to come out of Finance & Administration)
exchanged at NANOG meetings.

Has anything changed since then?  Probably not ... Vive le NANOGue!

Probably, in fact, increasingly dense interconnectivity between
especially upper level providers has outright masked the absence of
out-of-band communication, and a truly catastrophic routing problem
could well separate the Net.  If a really huge problem were to occur
these days, could you expect to be able to email somebody about it?

Probably not, in fact.  Maybe RFC2142 should be revived and turned
into something much more extensive and formal?

  -- Per