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Re: Spain was offline

  • From: Florian Weimer
  • Date: Thu Aug 31 14:34:52 2006

* Michael Dillon:

> The volume of data cached would be so small in todays terms that
> it only needs a low-end 1U (or single blade) server to handle 
> this.

The working set is larger than you think, I fear.  I've been running
something like this since summer 2004, and the gigabytes pile up
rather quickly if you start with an empty database.  If you restrict
yourself to A records for plain SLDs and SLDs prefixed with "www.",
the task becomes somewhat easier (because you get rid of all that
PTR-related stuff, and the NS RRs take their share, too).  Of course,
you can squeeze quite a bit of RAM into one rack unit, so your comment
probably isn't that far off in the end. 8-)

> Since nothing like this exists on the market, the only way
> for ISPs to do this is to roll their own. Of course, it is
> likely that eventually someone will productize this and then
> you simply buy the box and plug it in. But for now, this is the
> type of thing that an ISP has to set up on their own.

Well, the data I collect is not authoritative enough for that purpose.
My intent was to capture everything that could be served to some host
on the network, while taking the possibility of broken resolvers into
account.  That's why I store the data without verifying its
authenticity (which is generally very hard to do because DNS is not
globally consistent).  Plugging things directly into the caching
resolver would give you access to its verification logic, but ISPs
aren't really fond of doing this to their resolvers.