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Re: Spain was offline

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Wed Aug 30 20:02:13 2006

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Gunther Stammwitz wrote:
Spain (at least the .es-part) was offline nobody reported it...?
What's going on? In the past you were faster...

DNS operational problems were briefly discussed on the DNS operations mailing list earlier.

Although there are regular attempts to tie network routing and domain
name services together, routing problems are still relatively independent
of naming problems.  But it may be a good opportunity for name server
operators and network operators to double-check the processes and networks
they use to fix name services and network services don't have unexpected

Do you know how to contact your network provider without looking up
e.g. (network provider web site)? IS TCPWRAPPER configured to lookup names before allowing an operator login on a
critical server? Do you know your name servers IP addresses? If
the PSTN phone numbers don't work, do you have a INOC-DBA phone? If
the INOC-DBA phone numbers don't work, do you have a PSTN phone number?