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Re: Experiences with DDoS platforms...

  • From: Rick Wesson
  • Date: Tue Aug 29 14:20:17 2006

Hey Ferg,

when you get some boxes to play with I'd be happy to help load them with a 10G DDoS; it would be phun...

I'd also be interested to work with researchers on instrumenting the attack. I think I know how to pitch one, just never had a willing catcher.

I'd especially enjoy it if you could publish your results of such research.



Fergie wrote:
So, it would appear to me that simply analyzing netflow data, etc.,
at the time of a (D)DoS attack, and then black-holing (by hand) the
offending source addresses may not be the most scalable and
efficient way of dealing/coping/mitigating/staying-on-the-air
during an attack.

Of course, depending where you are on the food chain, the resources
one is trying to protect, the volume of DDoS traffic, etc, plays into
the equation, etc.

I was looking to see what opinions folks on the list may have on
the DDoS "appliance" vendor products available -- I'm particularly
looking for a stand-alone (or in conjunction with a 'traffic analysis'
box) to off-load DoS "mitigation" -- real-world experiences welcome.

Please direct responses to me off-list, or not...


- ferg

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