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HTTP issues between TWC and Cogent

  • From: David Coulson
  • Date: Tue Aug 29 00:36:24 2006

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Someone pointed out a weird issue to me tonight, which I'm still trying
to figure out. It's one of those thing where you run a test, and you
just look at it totally confused.

Adelphia recently started to move their network over to TWC's, in that,
peering between carriers was done with TWC rather than direct with
Adelphia - When I traceroute out now, I see TWC in there, where as when
I did it a week ago, it wasn't. No big deal, happens all the time. No
idea if it has anything useful to do with this problem, other than that
I have the problem when using Adelphia/TWC.

At least since 11pm EDT tonight, HTTP across TWC is spotty. I've got a
network on Cogent & XO (traceroutes seem to indicate that TWC likes
Cogent better). If I run a wget from a server on Qwest (Gets to me via
COgent), I get ~5Mb/sec, which is about what I'd expect (Qwest box is
maxed by a DS-3). From TWC at home, I get 9k/sec. Whacky thing is, if I
tunnel across IPSec via TWC, I get 400k/sec. Logic would therefore
dictate that I'm able to max my cable modem when using TWC, but
something is playing with HTTP traffic along the way.

Now I've got Cogent turned down, and I get 400k/sec normally via TWC
across XO. I've seen Cogent do some crazy stuff, but I've never seen
IPSec have full throughput and HTTP being lame. I've only been able to
replicate the issue using TWC, and I've confirmed another network has
the same issues (although, they use XO and Cogent too out of the same
POPs, so it doesn't help much, other than tell me it's nothing I screwed
up :-) My thinking is that Cogent have a confused peering location
somewhere that is causing traffic issues, but

So, while I'm sitting on hold with Cogent on one phone, and having
Adelphia tell me they're unable to take my call on another, is anyone
else seeing wacky stuff going on with either network tonight?

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