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Re: Is it my imagination or are countless operations impacted today with mysql meltdowns

  • From: Jon Lewis
  • Date: Sun Aug 27 17:16:00 2006

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006, Henry Linneweh wrote:

I think you are just a rude person and I have been on this list since about 1995 and there is a real problem with the lastest cpanel upgrade with mysql and it took out 1 of my server configurations, that we host peoples businesses on and I wanted to see how many other isp's were affected and what their solutions were in resolving the problem. That to me is operational impact, since it affects customers on multiple networks.

So your original post was pure content-free BS, fishing for others to admit (as you only just did) that they'd broken their own MySQL servers by installing a bad 3rd party (cpanel) update.

That's not NANOG material. If you'd installed an update on your routers, and they were all freaked out, that might be.

If you're having trouble with your hosting software, I suggest inet-access, or in this case, something as application-specific as might be best. I've never used that site, but it's the first hit if you google: cpanel support forum

BTW, I operate several MySQL servers and none of them have anything odd going on this weekend.

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