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Re: Amazon?

  • From: Jon R. Kibler
  • Date: Mon Aug 21 17:54:39 2006

Christopher L. Morrow wrote:

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Joseph Jackson wrote:

That whois stuff is meaningless.  When are people going to get it that
it really isn't a "hack".

color me embarassed for sans/isc-handler-on-duty that they didn't point
out that these are not in anyway linked to 'amazon the company' so not
relevant to the 'problem' amazon may or may-not have had. :(

Uh, that is what I get for trying to do 25 things at once. I should have looked at it more closely before ever forwarding it to NANOG!

I also guess that ISC realized their bad, because that has now been deleted from their diary!

I promise to read more carefully before reposting something!!

Sorry :(

Jon Kibler
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