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Re: Amazon?

  • From: Jon R. Kibler
  • Date: Mon Aug 21 16:38:42 2006

I am currently in the DC area. It appears that Amazon came up about 20 minutes ago.

SANS ISC has a little info on the problem. Quoting from :

Diligent Reader Corwin Grey points out:

"Amazon may be having more than a 'little' trouble. :/ Check out their whois:

Server Name: AMAZON.COM.IS.N0T.AS.1337.AS.WWW.GULLI.COM IP Address: Registrar: KEY-SYSTEMS GMBH Whois Server: Referral URL:


Now, looks OK from a whois lookup at (record points to Network Solutions) and from a Network Solutions whois lookup. But, it looks like we've got some whois database hijinks out there for some of the whois servers and the info.

Reader Sean points out that these gulli folks do this kind of thing a lot to sites like, Microsoft, and others, and these whois hijinks are likely independent of the back-end problems that appears to be having. I agree.

I just now checked, and they seem to be back up... so, intermittent problem fixed? For now... It's not the end of the world.

--Ed Skoudis

Elijah Savage wrote:
Thats strange I am not having any issues at all and I have tested it from 3 different peering points.

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Intermittent application/load balancer issues perhaps?


On 8/21/06, *Steven M. Bellovin* <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:21:40 -0400, "Jon R. Kibler" < [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:

     > Hi,
     > Anyone know what is up with Amazon? They appear to be down.
     > Doesn't appear to be a network issue... tried from two different
    ISP's networks.
    That's odd.  When I try from one path, I get the same error you get;
    I try another, it works.  A tcptraceroute shows that both are ending
    up at
    the same IP address at Amazon, too.

                    --Steven M. Bellovin, <>

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