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Re: Amazon?

  • From: Elijah Savage
  • Date: Mon Aug 21 16:17:51 2006

Thats strange I am not having any issues at all and I have tested it from 3 different peering points.

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Subject: Re: Amazon?

Intermittent application/load balancer issues perhaps?


On 8/21/06, Steven M. Bellovin <[email protected] > wrote:

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:21:40 -0400, "Jon R. Kibler" < [email protected]>

> Hi,
> Anyone know what is up with Amazon? They appear to be down.
> Doesn't appear to be a network issue... tried from two different ISP's networks.
That's odd.  When I try from one path, I get the same error you get; when
I try another, it works.  A tcptraceroute shows that both are ending up at
the same IP address at Amazon, too.

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