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RE: i am not a list moderator, but i do have a request

  • From: Robert J. Hantson
  • Date: Thu Aug 17 16:23:46 2006

I have to agree...  I joined this list a few weeks ago, and am pretty
sad at the garbage I have to sift through.  It's more of a FLAME Thrower
if you ask me.

I'm giving it another few days, and I'm off to looking for other lists
that are much more useful than this deal here.

Robert Hantson
CTO/CIO - Network Operations
QBOS, Inc.
Dallas, TX

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On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 02:48:01PM -0500, Gadi Evron wrote:
> Paul, apparently, we are in disagreement! :)
> Botnets are an operational issue affecting most of every large carrier
> moms&pops service provider here.
> I believe a lot of the information about botnets, which is not that
> complex, is behind held in secret for no reason, and I release it when
> possible.
> This is probably one of the more active and interesting discussions in
> past year which are ON-TOPIC.

If this is all we have to talk about and it is on-topic, then NANOG has 
failed, and we need a new list where people can actually discuss network


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