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AW: european colo/bandwidth facilites?

  • From: Gunther Stammwitz
  • Date: Wed Aug 16 05:38:19 2006


You should either go to London or Amsterdam if you like to have a very
direct connection to the US or if you want to reach whole europe including
eastern european countries the only place to be is Frankfurt.
Costs of leased lines from the US to Frankfurt are the same as to
Amsterdam/London but you have some milliseconds more due to the additional

You should look for an isp that has direct connection to the DE-CIX, the
german internet exchange, because almost all of the eastern european isps
are connected to the DE-CIX too and they're becoming more and more. Check

Regarding Datacenters I'd recommend RedBus, Telecity and IXEurope wherever
you are because of their good service.

If you're in Amsterdam it doesn't matter where you are because you can
connect to AMS-IX at any datacenter but most of the intl. Carriers are at
TELECITY2. In Frankfurt you can connect to the DE-CIX yourself at InterXion,
where most of the intl. Carriers are in this case, or Telecity. But remember
that InterXion is made for carriers and when hostings servers there you
won't have fun because of no technicians being there during the night and so

Maybe you can find a carrier who's willing to support mozilla because they
are non-profit?? I'd know one :-))

If you need additional expertise regarding the Frankfurt- or
Amsterdam-market contact me via PM.


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> Betreff: european colo/bandwidth facilites?
> My employer (Mozilla Corp) is looking to build out a site in 
> Europe (and maybe, eventually Japan).  Unfortunately I have 
> little/no experience outside of "NA" and don't know which 
> players (both for colo space and for bandwidth) would be best 
> to talk to.
> Looking for pointers, and sales folk are welcome to email as well.
> - mz