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Re: SORBS Contact

  • From: Noel
  • Date: Tue Aug 15 01:12:28 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 02:13, Derek J. Balling wrote:

> >
> > Of course, that only applies if you're dumb enough to answer '250  
> > OK' to
> > the '.' after the DATA.  You 5xx that puppy anywhere before that,  
> > and you
> > haven't taken custody of that data...
> This is ridiculous (not your argument, Valdis, but the whole thread  
> in general).

Valdis's is correct, before the DATA is akin to "hello anybody home" 
and then "does jack live there" if I say yes he does, it does not mean
you can come in just because jack lives there

> This is no different from me authorizing Mail Boxes Etc to be my  
> proxy for UPS packages, and them being allowed to simply discard  

It is very different because you hold a physical package or something
for someone you are paid by somebody to do it, unless you operate a

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