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Re: SORBS Contact

  • From: Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr.
  • Date: Mon Aug 14 10:22:20 2006

Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. wrote:

David Schwartz wrote:

Nonsense. You have tort obligations as well as contractual obligations.
Specifically, if you take custody of someone else's data, and you have no
contract with that person, you have a tort obligation not to destroy it.

The nonsense is here! I am not a lawyer, but I am pretty sure that if you abandon property (stretching the definition of "property" to get you foolishness into view) that I did not ask for on my property, I am am pretty sure that not only can I abate the nuisance, I in doing so have a tort claim against you for the damage and the cost of abatement.

<triviata deletia>

Too bad I'm no longer bright enough to read my own .sig! Among other things, it says there from time to time:

"Ex turpi causa non oritur actio" which I believe to be Lawyer Latin for "No cause of action may be founded upon an immoral or illegal act".

(Thanks for the quotation.)
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Ex turpi causa non oritur actio