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Re: New Laptop Polices

  • From: Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr.
  • Date: Sun Aug 13 18:35:38 2006

joe mcguckin wrote:

Why not put critical or proprietary files on a flash key? I carry a 4G flash key on my keyring. Airport security has never given it a second
look. If the laptop ends up in the hands of a sticky-fingered baggage handler (or the TSA), there's nothing there for them to find.

Recent reports said you were allowed to carry passport, medicines required for the trip, and one or two other items that did not include any metallic objects as I recall.

And, to defeat the nosey customs folk who now want to login and rummage around your files when you enter the US, create a dummy
account and give them that login when they insist on inspecting your laptop for "child porn". I've got nothing to hide, but I don't want some
ham handed idiot accidently deleting stuff either...

I wonder what they are trained to look for.

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