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Re: SORBS Contact

  • From: Andrew D Kirch
  • Date: Fri Aug 11 18:23:27 2006
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Michael Nicks wrote:

Actually I think this thread progressed from someone getting dirty blocks, to complaining about liberal-listing-RBLs (yes SORBS is one), to RBLs defending themselves and their obviously broken practices. We should not have to jump through hoops to satisfy your requirements.

Best Regards,

Again please parse "you" and "your" as being generic and not targeted at Michael, this is merely a reply. (except in the first series of interrogatories, nor do I have any evidence that Michel is currently or has ever hosted anyone who has caused a listing in the AHBL)

So, we shouldn't enforce _our_ policies on _our_ sites, that _our_ users
agree with and assume that we follow because it's inconvenient for _you_?
Assuming that I follow the rules that I have established, and published
for review for the running of my list, how are my practices broken?
Can I not conceivably list anyone who falls afoul of my listing policies
at any time?
Why should I, someone with years of experience running, maintaining and
defending a DNSBL listen to you who lacks such experience
(to my knowledge) as to how to run my list?
Why should I, with the above mentioned points of experience listen to
you as to how to run my list when your advice is in conflict with the
policies that my list abides by,
and that my uses expect and trust that I follow?
Should I also listen to your thoughts on routing protocols so as to
ensure you are not required to "jump through hoops"?
Perhaps I should consult with you in designing my web site for similar
Maybe I should have you review my security so that my network is not
overly burdensome to you?
Or, maybe I should show up at your facilities and start ripping out
patch cables and torching servers and equipment used to provide service
to people who fall afoul of my listing policies.
I really don't think that you'd appreciate that.  Therefore your
statement that you should not have to "jump through hoops" is unsupportable.

And believe me when I say this, there's a long list of people on the
Internet that I consider to be idiots, and a large local deny file on my
mailservers for entities
I don't like, or don't want mail from that never make it into the AHBL.
I, and Matthew (to my knowledge) does not bend the rules simply because
it's convenient, or because the idiot deserved it.  On the front page of
the AHBL's website is a link in size 4 bold font.  "If you were told to
come here to get removed
from our list, please see this page."  If you are for some reason
incapable of figuring out how to follow the link, navigating your way to
the lookup page in the subsequent instructions,
and then determining and entering your IP address; then why are you
running a mail server in the first place?  Also on our site is our
policies which every volunteer with access to the
AHBL has read and agreed to follow.  We also monitor raw incoming
submissions to ensure the volunteers DO follow them.  So feel free to
read our policies, and if you like them, feel free
to use our list if it suits your needs.  If it does not, please feel
free to direct your opinions to the bitbucket unless you want to come to
me with both a problem and a rational solution, instead of
bitching about how I do volunteer work.