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Re: SORBS Contact

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Thu Aug 10 03:14:40 2006

hit "D" now, i've been trolled.
[email protected] (Allan Poindexter) writes:

> ...  I have one email address that has:
> ...
> In short it should be one of the worst hit addresses there is.  All I
> have to do to make it manageable is run spamassassin over it.

may the wind always be at your back.  my troubles are different than yours,
and i hope i can count on your support if i feel compelled take more drastic
measures than you're taking.  especially since one of my troubles is about a
moral issue having to do with mutual benefit.  if an isp's business success
depends on them using access granted under an implied mutual benefit covenant
and they decide to operate in a sole benefit manner, they can't expect me to
continue to accept their traffic or their customer's traffic.  simpler put,
i won't run spamassassin to figure out what might or might not be spam after
i receive it -- i'll just reject everything they send me.

just because i think the linux kernel people are insane when they illegalize
binary or proprietary kernel modules, doesn't mean i'm ready to live in a
world where anyone on the internet can shift their costs to me with impunity.

but i respect your right to treat your inbox as you see fit.  can you say the
same about me and my rights and my inbox, mr. poindexter?

> That is the mildest of several measures I could use to fix the "spam
> problem".  If it became truly impossible I could always fall back to
> requiring an address of the form "apoindex+<password>" and blocking all
> the one's that don't match the password(s).  That would definitely fix
> the problem and doesn't require any pie in the sky re-architecting of the
> entire Internet to accomplish.

if you wish to accept those costs, i hope noone opposes you.  but i'm not
willing to live that way, and i hope you won't try to force me to?

> For almost a decade now I have listened to the antispam kooks say that
> spam is going to be this vast tidal wave that will engulf us all.

that would be me, and it has.

> Well it hasn't.  It doesn't show any sign that it ever will.  In the
> meantime in order to fix something that is at most an annoyance people
> in some places have instigated draconian measures that make some mail
> impossible to deliver at all or *even in some case to know it wasn't
> delivered*.  The antispam kooks are starting to make snail mail look
> good.  It's pathetic.

that paragraph seems to be semantically equal to "shut up and eat your spam"
so i hope i'm misinterpreting you.  otherwise, it's your word, "pathetic".

> The functionality of my email is still almost completely intact.  The
> only time it isn't is when some antispam kook somewhere decides he
> knows better than me what I want to read.  Spam is manageable problem
> without the self appointed censors.  Get over it and move on.

damn.  i've been trolled.  sorry everybody.
Paul Vixie